Third Party Twitter Tools – Make the Best Use of Twitter!

What Twitter has achieved as a popular blogging platform, no other blogging application can achieve that. Though there is a major shift in the blogging trends after introduction of Twitter like blogging tools, yet the basic remains same as it was previously. The only difference we can find in blogging is Micro Posting and Colloquial Text. Blogging applications like Blogger, Word Press and Live Journal are still popular among serious bloggers, who prefer writing more elaborately on various topics. Micro Blogging applications like Twitter are for young mass which facilitates short, crispy and informative personalized online briefings. The best aspect micro blogs like Twitter are their Marketing Aspects. It suits the online marketing scenario, where everyone is in hurry. Micro blogging services like Twitter can help your business not only reaching out potential customers, but also help your campaigns more organized and traceable. I’ve personally used, analyzed and rated some of the popular Third Party Twitter Applications and here follows the top 5 chronologically:

Twitpic – Twitpic is a Twitter tool that lets twitters sharing pictures on Twitter. Just login to Twitpic with your existing Twitter User ID and password and now you are all set to twit your favourite pictures.

Tweet Deck – Tweet Deck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Face book and more. Tweet Deck is a simple and fast way to use Twitter on your desktop. Tweet Deck allows users to customize Twitter experience with columns, groups, saved searches and sharing your tweets on Face book instantly.

Digsby – Digsby is an application that centralizes e-mail, IM and social networking accounts into one desktop program. Digsby is an IM type application where users can maintain one combined buddy list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Face book Chat Accounts. Users can manage email accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts right from Digsby. Users too can get real time updates from Face book, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn like social networking site. What more you can expect from such an application, if you are a social networking buff!

Tweet burner – Twitter just offers 140 characters to tweet. So it’s not possible for its users to give every detail in a single tweet. That’s why, very often Twitters write a brief with a reference link to it. Tweet burner is an online tool that helps you tracking the reference links you tweet.

Group Tweet – If you maintain groups on Twitter and want certain messages to send to a specific group of followers, the Group Tweet is the right tool for you. Register on GroupTweet with a newly created Twitter account for your group. You need to change your Twitter settings in order to make your group a private one. Now you can easily broadcast messages among the members of that group using Group Tweet tool.

Tweet Adder – Get 20% off tweet adder by using the coupon code above.  The coupon works when used to purchase the unlimited profiles version of tweet adder. If you want to get anywhere with marketing your business, you probably know that you need to get onto twitter.  Tweet adder is the all in one solution to be able to really take control of twitter and turn it into a huge source of traffic and revenue for your business. Tweet adder allows you to chain multiple accounts together and run multiple tasks across your accounts, all automated.  It saves you many hours of work.

Give these Twitter applications (developed by third-parties) a try to help simplify your social networking campaign. These tools certainly help your campaign an easier and traceable one. Reach more people, and stay organized just for free or a marginal payment. In the subsequent posts we will be including more useful Twitter tools to the existing list. Check the post regularly!



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