SEO is Not Dead.. And Will Never Die..


Why SEO claim is dead?

If SEO will never die, then why do people claim it’s dead, or even bring up the matter in the first place? As they say, follow the money. Sure, go ahead, lump me in the group of those trolling for traffic by using the phrase. But somebody’s got to put an end to this, and I can’t very well do that without mentioning what I’m trying to put an end to.

Perhaps nothing will do as good a job of putting a final nail in the coffin of the “SEO is dead” mantra as spreading the painfully accurate “Death of SEO” info-graphic provided by SEO Book. And now, let us never speak of this again.

What could kill SEO?

SEO will die only as soon as the search engine dies. As long as there are search engines people will figure out how search engines work in order to get business from them. We might talk about the end of search as we know it, or how content marketing is changing what SEO is, that SEO and public relations are merging, or that use of the acronym SEO will die out and instead we’ll make those activities formally known as SEO part of a larger group of activities that we’ll call “online marketing” or “web marketing” or something fancier sounding. The fact remains we’ll still be performing activities designed to get business from the natural search results in search engines, and therefore SEO will be alive and kick in’.



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