SEO Is Not Mystery !! Everyone Should Understand




Some companies thought that SEO is not required for them but I said, SEO is required for every business. Some people thought SEO is valueless; they have not listened any words about SEO and just blame our SEO industry. But my friend, SEO is just a method of getting rank of your webpage or website in search results of any search engine and in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) it’s not enough for getting traffic or attracting new visitors. You need to create more and more glossy contents and publish those contents in top authority sites and share those in social networking sites. I believe, every company should hire two professionals such as one dedicated content writer, who will create glossy contents and one dedicated internet marketing (SEO) professional, who will be publishing those contents in different high PR (Page Rank) and authority sites. And also SEO professional should research new targeted search term or keyword, with these search term or keywords, dedicated content writer should write contents for attracting new visitors. SEO professional should be analyzing what your competitor does.



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