What Google Panda 4.0 Says ? You Need to Know About This

After Google Panda 4.0 updates, the entire online community affected by this update. This Panda 4.0 is the biggest update of google in 2014.

Here, I have updated what you need to know about Panda 4.0

Panda 4.0 Began Rolling Out on May 20, 2014

panda 4.0 rolled out

According to Google, the update followed on the heels of the Payday Loan 2.0 update. Panda 4.0, a day earlier than the announcement from Matt Cutts. Screenshot of the Mozcast, which displays changes in the Google algorithm.


What is The Panda 4.0 update all about?

Generally, the Panda algorithm updates are considered to improve the rankings of sites with high-class content, and to reduce the ranking of sites with thin or cheap content. Sites usually targeted by Panda updates have been content farms, scraped sites, and the familiar list of sites employing over optimized content or spammy techniques. Fascinatingly enough the Panda updates have also increased the traffic of some sites. See below the image:


The main thing to keep in mind is Panda is a content-focused algorithm feature. Give it lots of great content, and it will be happy.

Google Panda Updates Happen on a Regular Basis

The creative Google Panda took effect on February 24, 2011, and was one of the biggest update in the SEO industry. Since then, Panda has been updating regularly. Cutts explained that Panda updates monthly, and these updates roll out gradually over ten days of the month. It’s called the Panda Everflux, and it’s something that every SEO and content marketer should be aware of.

The Panda updates will be one more quality in the Google dance. In fact, because Panda plays so significantly into the algorithm fluctuations, some people have taken to calling it the “Panda Dance.”

What is The Impact of Panda 4.0?

Based on research and analysis, Panda 4.0 shares some commonalities with other Panda updates. Here are the few points of observation:

  1. Panda 4.0 Penalized Aggregated Content
    many of the losers from Panda depended on compiling content from other sites. Known as “aggregating,” this is a trendy technique that has given mount to some of the Internet’s most popular sites.
  2. Panda 4.0 Penalized Thin Content
    some of the sites that experienced traffic crash had thin content on many of their pages. Often, such thin content is a sign of poor URL structure or lack of a content-driven strategy.
  3. Panda 4.0 Rewarded High Quality Content
    check out the following list of Panda 4.0 “winners” — those sites whose rankings rose in the aftermath of the update. It’s obvious that Google favors solid, reputable, long form, user-friendly content.

What Sites Were Most Affected?


These sites knowledgeable major traffic drops after Panda 4.0.



Here are the sites that gained substantially from the update.



Panda 4.0 hasn’t shown us anything new. It has simply confirmed we’ve got to keep doing content marketing, and keep doing it really well.



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