Basic But Most Advanced Tips of Content Marketing

content marketing tips

Proud to announce, now days, content marketing is most valuable strategy of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the only trick and technique by which your business will get more and more traffic and conversion. By this technique, you can build your brand name of your business.

If you are looking to use content marketing to grow up your business’s sales through the power of sharing, here I have updated few techniques:

  1. Get to know your community: When you factor in more specific information like their hobbies, taste in music, and social media behavior, you’ll find yourself with a rich database of facts, which you can then mine for an idea of what content you should publish.
  2. Learn from the masters:  Check out other popular blogs and social media profiles of businesses similar to yours, to see what they’re doing to enhance audience engagement.
  3. Be prepared for slow days: There’ll be days when your site’s content doesn’t seem to generate enough traffic. It’s frustrating: we know. It’s also perfectly normal. Irritation aside, it’ll give you an idea on what type of content doesn’t get much love. Consider it a lesson you can learn from.
  4. Building a following starts slow: When you’re a new brand in the market, you’ll have to work hard to get your followers. Building a reputation online takes a long time, and a lot of effort. We can assure you, though, that the payoff is worth it.

Importance of Blogs

  1. Blogs improve traffic: When your brand’s blog properly utilizes SEO, you stand a chance in making it to the top of search engines. As much as possible, keep your blog posts easy to read, yet significant at the same time.
  2. Use different forms of content to promote your blog: Now days, on the most shared type of content on Twitter showed that “How To” and list-type articles generally get more responses. And while those articles are good ways to kick-start traffic, it’s just as important to know what type of content your viewers prefers – infographics, for example?
  3. Invest in images and videos:  videos and images can also provide your readers with a summarized and more entertaining version of your blog post.

Improve your Content

  1. Complement your content: One type of content is rarely enough to get the desired attention from your audience. Why not put a quote or an idea in typography, and draw in the artistically minded? How about a game or a quiz – there’s surely those who like to have a little fun with their brands. Or a good old infographic? By virtue of trying something new, you might win new followers.
  2. Consider the reader devices:  With many different browsers and devices available to online readers, you’ve got to keep your site content updated.  Note the “got to” – if your content can’t be viewed from all possible devices, you’ll miss out from the traffic coming from one place, or another.
  3. Find out what leads to conversion: Content marketing’s an ongoing cycle of experimentation, evaluation and revision. By publishing different types of content, keep an eye out for which drive traffic and lead to conversion. In the future, you’ll be able to revise your strategy around these findings.
  4. Choose quality over quantity:  More words don’t necessarily more information. More articles don’t necessarily mean more meaningful content. Quality should be your top priority. One high-quality, well thought-post blog post per week will be more effective at generating traffic.


A natural flow of words always needs to come before keyword-rich content. SEO works well for search engines and metrics, but it’s your audience you need to impress.


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