Advanced SEO Trends as well as Techniques to Stick to within 2014

As outlined by quite a few website owner website optimization can be dead, Does anyone still think like that? Website optimization has become a key method planned for site owners and web owners to improve the home page’s search rankings in addition to the company growth.

From last few months, Google is continuously releasing updates to make search engine user friendly rather than website friendly. Recent updates made by Google  are :

By final quarter or so, Google can be repeatedly updating version to generate search engine user friendly rather than site welcoming. Recent updates of Google usually are:

Panda bring up to date : in order to favor good quality content in the future throughout prime google search in lieu of some other poor content.

Penguin bring up to date : in order to discipline web sites building spam links.

Hummingbird algorithm : Launched relevant search, moved much more concentrate on person advantage.

Page ranking toolbar : bring up to date throughout November.

Guest Publishing : a big ZERO to this particular through Matt Cutts from google.

#SEO trends 2011 Vs 2014


Search engine optimization will be frequently modifying, The actual old methods like link making, On-page optimization having large info with search engine optimization will not be so popular along with useful right now. Being familiar with the modern tendencies regarding search engine optimization gets really difficult with regard to rookies specifically. Consequently here i am discussing the modern techniques regarding search engine optimization along with how’s the idea intending to be in 2014:

# Content Marketing is the Key for the Future

We all believe that will good quality often is important and also if you are writing premium quality written content in comparison with you’re so that it is much easier with watch to customers ahead and find engaged together with you whilst your brand.

Therefore writing premium quality written content and also market that one of many customers will likely be the subsequent massive method inside search engine optimization. Usually produce just what end user wants and also just what these people choose to read. Make a right written content marketing strategy using market examination and also market your articles using facebook, twitter and google+ marketing.

The main thing behind many this can be a wonderful written content. Publishing premium quality written content can help you inside getting increasingly more viewers that ends up with extra brand engagement, extra links, extra leads & extra Return On Investment.

Here that snippet via The search engines movements with regard to past 24 months, showing that folks are generally intending toward written content marketing and yes it was additional looked for inside 2013 all around the earth. Individuals are looking for written content marketing connected words greater than website link building.

# Implement Google Authorship for Branding

Do you have any kind of web site? Are you composing content in excess of web? Indeed, compared to demonstrate your authorship in addition to notify google you are your pretty pleased owner or composer of their information. Google authorship will likely be your next attractive part of google search.

Apply Authorship applying rel=author in addition to rel=publisher tags to build brand to your experts together with your brand. It helps customers to recognize your brand while it seems like browsing benefits. What’s more, it aids inside increase search rankings in addition to CTR.

Authorship tags solely glimpse in case someone features confirmed the account, which solely 12% on the leading technical websites would. Thus there may be the opportunity, when you have confirmed in addition to put in place authorship in your blog, your threads might actually be noticed, seen a lot more trusted in addition to eventually receive engaged about more regularly when compared with other folks.

This is why Put in place Authorship Looks like

Authorship How it appears in Search results

Benefits of Google Authorship Implementation

  • Ownership of your Content Images, identity and mainly your website
  • Google displays your Content and Google+ images in Rich Snippets in Google Search Results
  • Authorship increases Visibility of your results in SEPR’s
  • Authorship increases Click-through rates by showing Rich Snippets in SERP’s
  • It Builds Authority, and helps users to recognize your content
  • It helps in Quick Indexing of your Content

# Mobile Optimized Version of your website

Smartphone phone consumers usually are one of the rapid rising portion on world-wide-web currently along with The search engines wish the crooks to utilize total richness whenever they pay a visit to just about any website using cellular system. Keeping away from problems along with optimize websites assists your own consumers to uncover your blog simply along with assists with excellent individual expertise.

Seeing that Search engines has stated before into their weblog concerning the change

To boost the search experience for mobile phone consumers and handle the ache things, most of us intend to throw away several rank adjustments soon in which handle web sites which have been mis-configured for mobile phone consumers.

Bad Redirects

A lot of sites possess the web pages outlined browsing final results, but whenever a individual simply click any site of these website using mobile phone, This redirects those to just one cell phone site, in lieu of into a cell phone optimized model of any site.


This type of action involve user skill, which outcome in user disappear the website or stop coming to the website.

Mobile Optimized Users In Fortune 100 Companies

Smartphone only error

When user click on any webpage in search outcome using smartphone, it gives nothing or an error occurred. There are some tactics for this trouble:

Use Responsive design for your website :- this is the technique suggested by Google. In this configuration, site have similar pages and similar urls for mobile as well as desktop devices, but CSS is used, to build website pages responsive according to the machine used.

Sites that enthusiastically serve all devices on the same set of URLs.

Have a split mobile and desktop websites.


# Social Media is on Bang

Google is counting more on social signals somewhat people. Almost any proud of more prefers, +1’s, gives you have got increased ranks as compared to one along with minimal social signals. Exclusively Google+ has been doing very well on the website optimization point of view.

Focus on Google+


Google+ presents do-follow inbound links and also it truly is +1’s along with re-shares can also be considered as position components. Make an effort to make a beneficial system about Google+ as it gives beneficial site visitors, backlinks and also search engine optimization value, Google+ post can also be shown upward from search final results.

Should you have a fantastic twitter and facebook as compared to it truly is fine or else begin creating twitter and facebook using customers from it. Produce a written content strategy for ones cultural single profiles along with maintain discussing written content about social media frequently for users for you to including along with re-share.

# Having a Blog of Your Website

Make a blog for your website, don’t have any and start writing high quality article about your product or services.  Tell users about your website. It helps in rising traffic, Improves author rank with article marketing as well as in brand value creation. Link your blog to your website to pass page rank.

# Don’t Forget Link Building
Link Building was one of the usual approach for search engine optimization, but things have changed now. Google is punishing websites building abnormal links so prepare worth links.

Pass up guest publishing as Google believe it as a spam. If you are writing something high quality, unique concept and want people out there to know about it then you can write guest posts.

So if you have Started execute these tricks for your website SEO than its good, otherwise it’s time for you to start making a plan according to the SEO factors for 2014. Make a plan for your website and contain all the activities and pursue all the activities with regularity and balance. Google is trying to make search engine more and more user friendly so try to consider from Google’s point of view and make your website and content excellent for user. The more you think about viewers, higher the search engine rankings for your website in google.

Remark below for any idea or queries.



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