Fabulous Diwali Gift – Google Penguin 3.0 Updated By Google

diwali gift by googleAs our auspicious Diwali, Google gave us a fabulous gift for our SEO industries. We need to very sincerely working with these factors. This Google update has been just like a fire bombing for our respective client’s website to create their brand in the marketplace. I have updated many times in my blog that you need to do work in genuinely. Do you know the name of this firebombing Google update? The name is PENGUIN 3.0. This update is for only spammers who creates spam websites or promote a website in spam technique.

Here are some steps to avoid seo tricks as per Penguin 3.0:

  • Don’t employ “over optimized” (or exact match) anchor text from other domains. (specially other domains you own.)
  • Be watchful about adding links in press releases. (Matt Cutts prepared a statement that links within press releases pass no worth, and should be tagged as nofollow.)
  • Don’t make any paid links such as paid directories or renting links.
  • Be watchful about how you exchange links with other websites.


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